Sig Ep Legacy

What is the Sig Ep Legacy Project?

It is where Life Stories are preserved! Many of us have memories, but Sharing these memories with our Brotherhood makes us special!

We, as brothers, know that once these memories are Lost, they stay lost! Recently, a brother found a Paddle from the 1960’s in an antique shop. We know it is from Toledo, but what is the story?

The Legacy Project has three very distinct concepts!

1.) Preserving our Local Sig Ep/Chi Beta Chi History Online.
  1. Scrap books, Red Doors, Composites, Pictures and Videos of our History.
  2. Nearly 30 Red Doors are located on Line Now…. dating back to 1979!
2.) Creating Participation from our Brotherhood, whereby All help to make this a collaborative project together.
3.) Creating your Legacy with Toledo.